NOT DEAD YET: PART I — We’re not sending her there to die.

Saturday Evening Outpost — Vivian Ruth Stout Haynes

Vivian Ruth Stout Haynes
Born October 26th, 1915 — Left the Planet March 30th, 2021

LIFEBOOK: Everything Goes to Heaven

NOT DEAD YET: PART III — Do Not Resuscitate?

From the Saturday Evening Outpost

Freedom. What does it actually mean? We know the overarching idea of it as it is used to collectively describe the struggle and successes that led our nation into one of the greatest Democracies on the planet. Our struggle is centuries long and continues still. It is rife with the loss of life as people of all races, creeds, and colors stood bravely as heralds of our proclamation and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Their loyalty and courage are so profound it is impossible to be grateful enough for them. As the decades passed and the successes from those struggles bloomed…

TS McFadden

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